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And the last game of the regular season is up next.

Army and Navy do meet traditionally on this weekend and this season it could be a good one.
Navy did drop a bit in production and Army did become stronger.

Before I will preview the game, some news from the (football) front.

Coaches are hired fast this winter.
Arizona State hired Herm Edwards out of retirement. He did not coach for the last decade and served as ESPN analyst. Prior to that he was a NFL HC with the Jets and the Chiefs.
Florida State did not wait long and hired 1-year-Oregon HC Willie Taggart. Prior the Oregon job he was the HC of South Florida.
Mississippi State got Joe Moorhead, the Penn State OC.
Oregon State hired Jonathan Smith, Washington’s OC.
UCF did not wait long and hired Josh Heupel, Missouri’s OC.

And there are still many schools without a new HC and the domino stones will keep on falling.

Biggest loser from my point of view are the big schools outside the SEC.
They were not able to keep their HC, while money should not be a big issue, it looks like the prestige is one.

But overall there is likely a lot of stuff going on in the background I can not relate to or understand.

So far some of the other hot candidates for "promotions" in the school ranks were not selected, like Kiffin of FAU or Fleck of Western Michigan.
We will see ...

Let's have a look at the BLOCK OF GRANITE TOP GAME FOR WEEK 15

Sat. Dec 9
Army vs Navy
The only game this weekend and a very important one for the US people.
The marketing machine for the troops is spinning wild on that weekend and you get everything in camouflage, red, white and blue.
Special uniforms for the players, special setting, special stadium, this season in Philadelphia, special guests and special show.
Funny side effect is, the game itself is not really important.
Sure at the end someone will win, but do you remember the winner of last year?
Well, it was ARMY!
They were the underdogs last year by 6 and won by 4.
This season they are 3-point-underdog.
The teams had played 118 times so far and started this in 1890.
Navy leads by 10 wins now and lost their 14 game winning streak last season, so Army is now on a 1-game winning streak, if you can say it that way.
On the line is also the Commander-In-Chief-Trophy, which is granted to the best team of the 3 military academies.
Last seasons winner Air Force lost all games against Navy and Army, so the winner of THIS game will take the trophy home.
It's a big thing for the troop.
Last time Army had the trophy was 1996!
Last season I did pick Navy, but this year I will pick Army, since they did really play good games so far.
I don't expect a blowout, but I think Navy will have a lot of problems which can not be solved prior the game.
Their offense was not that good, their defense got burned from time to time.
Don't expect too many points, it will likely be a defense and run-game battle.
Army will come up strong and will stop the Navy offense wave by wave (haha).
Black Knights win. (Can't believe I did wrote that, it took only years to come to that ....)

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