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Welcome to the thirds edition of the RZA Insider . After a long holiday the editor is back into the action! In this edition the editor is gonna talk about a self-imposed team building challenge he is taking right now.

What is RZA? - UPDATE
Last edition we identified the following personas in RZA:


Badgers suggested we need another persona called:
This is a team that consistently makes the playoffs, but can never win any play-off game. Both the Amersfoort Alligators (for a while anyway) and Badgers own Green Bay Hackers belonged to this category for sure!


We will occassionally review what happens in the Elite division - we will treat it more like a soap opera though. If you think you've seen something worth mentioning here, send it via PM to Cheesehead.

The AC East is having a hissy fit amongst themselves this season with the division looking like a pit of fighting dogs. Even the mighty Bears are off form. Landru Athletics continues to perform the act of an emo kid and is trying really hard to get relegated and he will definitely fail again of course in spectacular fashion on the last day of the season.

The super star that everyone envies but also cannot stop trying to the best friend of, San Diego Blitzkrieg, is back to his old ways which is dominating on the field. He is like the big tech firms he lives so close to: he pretends to be wise but it's all about getting more power to dominate Elite even harder.

The only one who can stop the Blitzkrieg is the next big thing up, Wilmersdorf Wadenbeisser, but he somehow managed to lose to the Neuseen Buccaneers recently. Can't be that great for the team's confidence!

Overall though, in general it does looks like Elite teams are being run very close by the challengers at their heels. Keep it up RZA. Fight the power back! :-)

This is a space where I will post interesting threads / posts from around the forums. If you wrote or have seen anything that you want featured here just PM Cheesehead.

BLOWING SMOKE blog by Jonny Utah & MonsterT95
Blowing smoke

We all love good writers in the RZA community. And hidden in the Dragons has been a little diamond called Blowing Smoke. It is written by legends of the community, Jonny Utah & MonsterT95. According to themselves it is a "Dragons sports chat. Over various episodes Monster and I will cover the Dragons region, both second divisions as well as the first.
We will in future posts go into depth with specific divisions and teams". The lastest edition can be found here and is well worth the read.

Thanks to Drogon for submitting this

FIRE Mid Season Recap
Personally the editor loves to read recaps as it gives you a rare insight into a division that is not your own

Badgers wrote a mid season reciew and even though it's a month old it's still worth the read: Fire Mid Season Recap

Well, that was it for the third issue of the RZA Insider. As always the accompanying discussion thread can be found here Go there to comment on anything in this issue of the RZA Insider!

Finally, remember that the RZA Insider is a community project and you can submit anything you like!

Your intrepid reporter Cheesehead

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