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A region consists of leagues. At the moment we have 8 regions. A region decides the kickoff time for the team playing at home.

A league consists of 32 teams. The teams are split into 2 conferences.

Each conference is split into 4 divisions.

Who will enter the playoffs und who plays at home?

The top 6 teams, per Conference, will qualify for their end of Season PlayOffs, with the winners of each Conference meeting to play in the overall League Bowl - the winner of which will be the overall League Champion for that Season.

At the end of the Regular Season (16 games), the top 6 teams are listed of each Conference and given a Seeding - the Top 4 Seeds will always be the Divisional Winners, with the Number 1 Seed being the Divisional Winner with the best Regular Season won/lost record - Number 2 seed the Second best - Number 3 seed the Third best and the Number 4 seed the worst record out of all 4 Division Winners only.

The 5th and 6th seed will be the next best two teams according to their records. Please note that both of these teams CAN come from the same Division.

In the event of a tiebreak for teams with the same record, the team with the best Points Difference will gain the higher Seeding.

Why do we have Points difference twice ("real", PFR, PAR, PDR)?
From season 20 we will cap the outcome of a games Points forced and Points allowed, and therefore the Points Difference will cap as well. This capped PD is the one we are using for calculating tie-breakers. While the PD column in the tables of a league is capped, the columns Points Forced Real and Points Allowed Real are uncapped, therefore the column Points Difference Real is uncapped as well. The cap is at 60 for league games. Only regular league games will face this virtual cap.

The PlayOffs are broken down into 3 GameDays - the WildCard games (2 games), the Divisional Playoffs (2 games) and the Conference Championships (1 game).

WildCard Games

Seed Number 6 @ Seed Number 3 Seed Number 5 @ Seed Number 4

The winner of each game progresses through to the Divisonal Playoffs

Divisional PlayOffs

Seed Number 1 host the Low Remaining Seed from the Wildcard games.

Seed Number 2 host the High Remaining Seed from the Wildcard games.

The winners of these games meet in the Conference Championship game, with the High Seed hosting the Game.

The winner of this game meets the winner of the other Conference Championship game in the League Bowl.

What is the thing with the relegation?
Please have a read here: Relegation

How does the schedule work during the regular season?
Here is a quote taken (partly) from

"Each team plays the teams in their division twice, one home and one away game. That's a total of 6 games.

Each team in a division will play the four teams in another division within their conference. That's another 4 games.

Each team in a division will play the four teams in a division in the other conference. That's another 4 games.

The final 2 games"...are played versus teams of both divisions in the same conference that are not scheduled to play.

Notice: Compared to the NFL schedule there is random rotation of games held vs. opponents of other divisions and/or conferences.

Kickoff times per region:

Sea Devils16:00

Switching to another division / league / region
Beginning with season 51 every manager can switch to another division or league or region, as long as:
  • the manager did not pledge to the mediacenter already
  • the team will not play in Elite during the upcoming season
The ability to change opens at season rollover finished, and is open until Thursday (Midnight servertime) before the first gameday of the new season. Each manager receives a PM containing a link to start the procedure. There is no limit on how often a manager can change divisions / leagues / regions, and therefore kickoff times as well.