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The Mediacenter is responsible for collecting money from TV rights and similar media income.

To be able to fulfill the duties the Mediacenter raises funds from the Owners Board of the league a team belongs to. Managers can pledge money to the Mediacenter. If a manager pledges money, the payment happens immediate - the pledging is a one time fee, no weekly payment. On each financial u p d a t e the Mediacenter creates income for all managers of the league.

A manager not pledging a single cent won't receive anything from the mediacenter.

A bot team ("computer controlled") is always pledging the maximum amount of money ($50,000,000).

New teams are pledging the full amount automatically during their first 24 real weeks of their career (48 RZA weeks) - without spending the money for it. During this time, they receive possible income from the Mediacenter as well if all other conditions are met. After this time the teams have to pledge. These teams managers will receive a hint via the Coaches Assistant at that moment. Please consider carefully if you want to pledge at that time, as it might be better to wait until next season depending on what week of the season it is.

The higher the sum of all pledges is, the better the income from the mediacenter is as well. Therefore, the best income will be created once all managers pay the maximum possible amount of money.

But where is the downside? As long as the Owners board is not able to convince all managers for pledging money, the Mediacenter won't run on full throttle, and therefore the Mediacenter might create an overall loss to a single manager. To earn something out of the mediacenter the Owners board has to act as an unit.

Pseudo Math:
  • less than around 25% of the funding goal reached: up to around 60% payback
  • between around 25 und around 50% of the funding goal reached: up to around 100% payback
  • between around 50-75% of the funding goal reached: up to around 120% payback
  • more than around 75% of the funding goal reached: up to around 140 % payback
  • more than around 90% of the funding goal reached: up to around 155 % payback
  • 100% of the funding goal reached: up to around 160 % payback
These numbers drop if a team misses the Early Bird bonus!

There is no need to pledge at the seasons begin, but in this case the earnings are less (or even nothing) at the begin of the season. And yes, it makes no sense to pledge money at season end, since the return of money will then happen only for the last few weeks...

Bonus payment for Early Birds:
There is one financial updat e at the Wednesdays after Seasonrollover before the real season begins. The cashback for this single payment will be multiplied by 5. If a teams return would be at 1,000,000, the payment at this single day (aka draft wednesday) will be 5,000,000.