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In the training happens every Sunday and Wednesday morning. Under the "Your team" link you will find "Training". Here you will be able to setup your training options. You can selec t for each player a percentage of fitness training, and you can selec t what playing skill and what fitness skill he should train. If you own coaching staff for the trained skill, the result will be higher of course. There are training facilities available which will give your team certain bonuses to training. Supporters receive a detailed training report in their inbox. The training report tells about injured players, players that are near their skill cap, players that hit the skill cap, and each player that went to another level of the skill.

Example: A player jumps from passing 35.7 to 35.9 - he is not in the report if no caps are near or hit
Example 2: A player jumps from passing 35.7 to 36.1 - he is on the report, since he entered a new level of passing: 36

Injuries occur during training. If a player is injured, he will not be able to play - even if you keep him on the depth chart. Each morning the game recalculates the healing progress of your injured players, doctors can help to get healthy faster. In particular, the physiotherapist doctor is very helpful for that. This doctor also lowers the overall injury rate of your team.

The weekly training report gives information on injured players. An injured player is not able to participate in friendly matches, and has restrictions on playing in competitive matches. To participate in friendly games he must be 100% healthy. For regular games a player is able to play when he is healthy or in the last 3 days of his injury period (probable, questionable). Injured players do not participate in any training, and make no progress therefore.

Players have capped abilities on speed, strength and agility. If they hit the cap already, the training will be slowed down. The player can make progress, but it will be really, really hard for him.

Here is the math for calculating the training progress:

Fitness training:
The basic calculation can be found in the manual section for Coaches.
Based on that result, calculate the percentage...if you are on 60% fitness training, use 60% of the calculated amount
add bonus based on facilities if the facility matches the selected training, 10% for each active facility

Other training:
The basic calculation can be found in the manual section for Coaches.
Based on that result, calculate the percentage...if you are on 60% fitness training, use 40% of the calculated amount
add bonus based on facilities if the facility matches the selected training, 10% for each active facility
100 training points = 1 full skill point

(rand(25,40) + Teamwork + Coaching Bonus)/2 * facility bonus 1 * facility bonus 2

Skill progress is Training points / 100

Your youngsters in your Youth Academy can obtain some extra training, just check the description of the Youth Academy.

If a player set to practice in Physical Condition, he will gain more progress compared to other fitness skills. The factor is around 8 times. 100 Training Points result in 2% gain of Physical Condition.

From season 30 on, there is a factor based on the age of the player. Younger players get a bigger bonus for their training progress, while elder players get a smaller bonus. For Favre-like players the bonus might turn into a negative effect as well.

The Optimizer
This feature (beta at the moment) makes a suggestion what to train next. It is working on primary skills only and physicals. The top priority is put to the Physical Condition. The Optimizer takes care if a player is capped or not on Speed, Strength or Agility. Once PC, Speed and Strength are maxed out, the Optimizer tries to have a balanced training on the primary skills. If a player can use Carrying and Positioning as example, the Optimizer will balance the training between these two skills to avoid the creating of One-Skill-Wonders - to keep the salary as low as possible. You might activate the Optimizer as often as you like. Don't forget to store your settings. The Optimizer doesn't work in the background, it just acts once - at the moment you make the click. Smart managers don't just accept the suggestion made by the Optimizer, instead they use it as an initial recommendation , and enhance it to have optimal training conditions for their players.

Training Limits:

There are limits on how many players can be trained at each position. The list provides the maximum count per position that may be trained without penalty. Any attempt to train more players than allowed in each position will incur a penalty.

Maximum number of trainees per position:
  • QB: 10
  • RB: 12
  • FB: 10
  • WR: 20
  • TE: 12
  • OL: 20
  • DL: 20
  • LB: 16
  • CB: 16
  • SF: 16
  • K: 6
  • P: 6
  • KR: 10
  • G: 10

Just to make this absolutely clear once you go above the numbers listed you will incur a penalty (e.g. if you try to train 11 QBs the penalty kicks in and so on for the rest).

Players within their "free position change" period or academy players are not covered by these limits. If a position group exceeds these limits, the possible training progress is limited to 25% of the full possible training progress. If a training session had a penalty applied, you will find notices inside your training report.
Supporters will get some more information about capped or almost capped skills at the training page.