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Transfer Market

The Transfer Market allows you to buy and sell players. Players are on the Transfer Market for 3 days. Managers bid on players, and when the Transfer Market period for that player expires, the Manager with the highest bid gets the player.

Players can enter the Transfer Market in 2 ways: they can be sold by Managers, or they can be Fired from a club and enter the Transfer Market as Free Agents.

You can sell players on your roster from the player's detail page, as long as they are not marked "is retiring". The initial "Asking price" is determined automatically, by using the following ranges, based on mathematically rounded average of the two highest paid skills:

Average of the two highest paid skillsinitial "Asking price"

Starting with the rollover to Season 49:

All players aged 30 or higher will become cheaper in terms expected minimum transfer sum ("asking price").

The bid period for such sold players is initially 3 days. The period gets extended by 1 hour for each player this team has transferlisted at the moment. (Example: 2 players transferlisted already, the 3rd player gets up for sale: the transfer deadline is in 3 days and 2 hours)

The actual price can rise as other Managers bid on your player. If there are no bids on your player, than he returns to your roster after the Transfer Market period expires. WARNING: Once you confirm the selling price, you cannot undo your action. There is no way to cancel once the player has been put on the Transfer Market.

Until season 24 ends:
If a Transfer is successful, the seller has to pay 5% Tax.

Starting with (pre-)season 25:
If a Transfer is successful, the seller has to pay tax! The tax is 15%, if one of the following conditions is true at the time the final player transfer gets executed:

  • Players Age is less or equal to 18
  • Player is in the Sellers Youth Academy
  • Sellers Manager career started less than 120 days ago
  • Player was not bought from the Market

If the sold player is not covered by the conditions above, the tax percentage depends on the games he played for the sellers team. Only official games count here.

Games played, at leastTax percentage

The quality of player details in the Transfer market is affected by he Scout-level - for more details please check Staff.

You can place bids on transfer listed players. The transfer market is working like a well known internet auction page. You place the maximum amount of money you would like to spend on a player, and the page is placing bids based on that maximum possible amount and the concurring bids by other managers. The manager with the highest bid at auction end is getting the player, paying the amount that was bid by the robot in the background. If you do bids during the last two minutes of the bid period, this will extend the bid period for another 2 minutes - if the bid is causing a change of the manager who placed the highest bid. If you are the holder of the highest bid, you can still raise your maximum bid.

When buying a player please note, that he will lose all Team Chemistry since he is new to your team - the same is valid if the player was not sold and is returning to his old team, and in this case Morale is affected as well. If the player is between 16 and 20 years old, he will be placed in your Youth Academy. If no spots are left there and he is 18 or older, he will be transferred to your team. If there are no spots in the Youth Academy and the player is less than 18 years old, then he enters the Youth Academy and you will receive a fine on the next training update - please check the description of the Youth Academy for more details. Players being 21 years or older enter your team directly.

If you enabled the contract mode in your HR Department, the player enters your team with a basic contract ending at the end of the season. You might need to act, especially if you buy players late in the season. If a transfer deadline is within its last 24 hours and if there is no bid so far, you can start direct negotiation with the player (the direct negotiation within the last 24 hours is only valid for Free agents, not for players from other teams). If the negotiation is successful, the player will join your team immediately.

Please note: you cannot bid on players you are selling.

Please note #2: You cannot place a bid for more money than you have on your account, but you could bid for several players with the money you have. Example: you own 500,000, so you could bid on 5 different players for 500,000 at the same time. Once the orders get executed, you will be in the red with 2 million. This means you could create a negative financial balance if you are not careful. Please be aware of all the negative side effects when staying in the red for longer time.

Supporters can use the Transfer Market Agent. Just add a profile for players you are looking for. Each day the Agent will check for you if there are players on the market available matching your given profile.

On a successful transfer of a player between 2 human teams, the wage gets recalculated based on the training progress of that player.

On a successful transfer the player will join your team on the next day at 1am GMT.

The Transfer market is closed each season from day 74 until the season-rollover was finished. From day 71 on the managers won't be able to sell players.