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Youth Academy

The Youth Academy is the place to develop youngsters for a future on your team. Players between 16 and 20 years old are allowed to enter the Youth Academy. Youth can be acquired by pulling them via Youth Pull, or by buying them on the transfer market. The number of youth that can be kept in the Youth Academy is based on the upgrade level of the Youth Academy. There are 5 upgrade levels available for the Youth Academy. It starts with a capacity for holding 10 youth, and each upgrade adds another 3 slots - except the highest level of the Academy. There are one time charges for upgrading each level of the Youth Academy, and each level also adds to the weekly maintenance cost. Notice: If you exceed the number of allowed youngsters, you will receive a hard penalty, the League Authority sets a fine of $500,000 that you have to pay on the training update. Take care!

The level of your Youth Academy determines the number of "Senior tickets", which are the number of Youth you can send to your team per season. It starts with 3, and adds another ticket for each upgrade - except for the 4th and 5th level. A fully upgraded Youth Academy allows you to send 6 Youths to your team each season.

The level of your Academy also determines how many players are available to choose from on the weekly Youth pull. Initially there will be 2, and each upgrade adds another youngster. However, regardless of the level of the Youth Academy, you are only allowed to pull one youth each week. Higher levels of Youth Academy give you a wider selection to choose from.

Youngsters that stay in the Youth Academy cause no weekly wages; they are covered by the costs of the Youth Academy. Youth can be trained just like the players on your team, and they use the same training facilities that are available for your team.

The basic Youth Academy causes weekly maintenance costs of $10,000. Each upgrade adds $50,000 on top of that. Each upgrade causes one time construction costs of $1,000,000.

If you don't sell, fire or move a 20 year old who is in your Youth Academy, he will become a Free Agent at the season rollover. In Contract mode you are not able to negotiate contracts with Youth, you have to move them to your team first by using the "Senior tickets".

Your Youngsters can obtain some extra Training Points. You get 5 points for the Youth Academy itself, and another 5 points for each upgrade. On top of that you get bonus for each hired Assistant coach / Head coach. The points are reset on the weekly training update. You can award the extra Training Points as long as the selected skill of the Youngster is below 35 (Physical Condition: 70%). The details about the math can be found in the manual section: Coaches. You cannot spend these points within a period of 45 minutes before a games kickoff, and 15 minutes after the end of a game of your team.

The highest level of your Youth Academy will give your Youngsters a boost in Team Chemistry and Experience at the Training.

You may demolish your Youth Academy. To do that, you will have to reduce the number of Youngsters in your Academy to 10 or less. If you demolish your Academy, it will be reduced to the lowest possible level (Basic), and your whole roster - including your Seniors - will face a loss of 50% of the players morale.

If you own the highest level of the Youth Academy, you are eligible to enable the Premium Academy.

The Premium Academy does not change numbers on the tickets to transfer Youngsters to your Senior team, but it opens some more possibilities for your Youngsters. Your Youngsters will go on the road and play Scrimmage games, and your Youngsters will face a more intense training with your Coaching Staff. This means, your Youngsters can add more to their Experience and Team Chemistry than without the Premium Academy - at a significant level.

They will also see some more Trainingpoints per week on the skills you set them to exercise during the training - and the benefit out of the Premium Academy will be high enough to make a real difference once your Youngsters join your Senior team.

And on top, the Extra-Trainingpoints will be a little bit higher as well (between 8 and 12 points before the ACs put their bonus on it!). After all, such a newbee might gain up to 1 or 2 skill-levels per skill and season, based on the assumption you spread the training equally over the needed skills - of course these numbers might vary, based on the given environent of your Coaching staff und facility.

To purchase the Premium Academy you will have to pay 2,500,000 once, and maintenance are additional 500,000 per week. You can disable the Premium Academy as well, at no costs - and this won't change anything in your standard Youth Academy. If you want to re-enable it, the purchase costs are due, again.

If you bought a youngster on the transfer market, you can turn him into a senior up to 7 days after the transfer. This transfer will not count against the limited number of "Youngsters to Senior chances", a.k.a "tickets".

Starting with season 42 there is another change to the Academy. If you exceed the number of allowed Youngsters in your academy you will not be allowed to buy players or negotiate contracts with free agents until you get back within the prescribed number again.

To allow a smooth way out of your misery, for any who will currently be affected, the following limits will be put in place. Exceeding these numbers will mean you will be blocked from carrying out any player transactions as stated above:

Season 42: more than 10
Season 43: more than 5
Season 44: more than 2